An architectonic emancipation in three phases.
Key dichotomies:
(water-territory)   (well–basin)   (wish-coins)  (art-conscience)
(dome-cluster) (housing-self-sufficiency)  

Public intervention based on a cupular or dome-shaped geodesic structure in wood measuring 6x6x4 m. All three stages of the structure are environmentally friendly and will remain as a declaration of our freedom of action, serving as a reminder that each individual has a natural right to a territory where he can live independently and organically.

1. phase. Being well.
Construction and installation of a geodesic dome measuring 6x6x4 m in a public space using recycled material (pallets).
The wooden structure will be surrounded on all sides by spiral barbed wire.
On the inside, there will be a hanging rain collector of plastic, holding wishes and their corresponding coins.
A LED lighting system will be installed to illuminate the collector.

A sign will describe the three phases of the installation while proposing a possible interaction with the bypassers or donorsMake a wish - Drop a coin in the magical well, and your wish will come true... - and mine, which is to continue to the second phase”.

2. phaseFloating music scene.
Construction and installation of the dome on a floating platform measuring 6x6x1,40 m. The structure will be covered by plastic and equipped with an electric system to serve as a scene. The platform is also built from recycled industrial material. The dome-collector from phase 1“being well”, is thus converted into a floating music and performance scene. A series of concerts will be held on the location.

Lecheburre, the band of the author of this installation, will hold an opening concert.

3. phaseGreen, self-sustaining house bubble.
Covering and isolation of phase 2, the “floating music scene”, to transform it into a self-sufficient audio studio. The majority of the material will be recycled. Details will be published on a website. The final appearance of the structure will be like a green bubble, covered in vegetation, floating on the river.

Jeronimo Valdes/Kvibergs Marknad/Nätverkstan/Lecheburre.


HJ DOMO Entero.jpg