Project name 
Now and here

I want to make an imprint in a place adding objects which not belong to the place and especially it not belong to a nature, but at the same moment they connect together with an environmental. The object depends on the place and weather. The object which proves that a process of disappearing is unavoidable. No one can`t stay alive forever. The conditions and other environmental issues will decide how long the object will exits.

My aim is to make collaboration between natural materials/environmental and synthetic materials which is impossible to find in a nature like a part of it. It will be like a dialog between two different layers of the life – natural environmental and foreign body in the natural environmental. It will be a process which will prove a temporality of all objects around us. 

Implementation / method
The object consist of plastic balls/transparent balloons with hanging colored ice cubes inside. The object (balloons/ plastic balls) will hang on the tree`s branches. Balloons/plastic balls will become colorful cloud
in the tree when the ice cubes will start to

(date of birth 1992 10 17)
Exchange student at School of Design and Crafts BA2/
Vilnius Academy of Arts BA4